Safeguarding your family's future.

In the quest for building a prosperous business and a secure future for the family, there exists a potential oversight – the absence of a robust financial safeguard at home. Nobody wants to leave the family vulnerable in the event of an unexpected early departure. That's why having adequate life insurance policy in place is crucial for every business owner and manager.

Fortunately, company directors who take some amount of income through PAYE are in a fantastic position to use the tax efficiency of the business to save money when protecting the family.

Business-savvy life insurance.

A 'Limited' company is a spectacular tax-efficient vehicle which can dramatically lower your personal life insurance premiums by as much as 62%. Yet, most company directors don't even know this perk exists.

Because cover can be treated as an allowable business expense, we arrange personal cover for salaried directors and employees to protect a mortgage, debt or provide security for themselves and their family at significantly advantageous cost - and all without creating a P11d taxable benefit in kind. With HMRC effectively covering a significant portion of the premium, we can make it even easier for you to afford the protection you and your family truly need.

Three types of tax-efficient protection.

Income Protection

A monthly income of up to 80% of salary and dividends during periods of ill health, payable up to retirement age.

We can normally arrange cover up to £25,000 a month.

Significant Illness

A lump sum paid to you personally, tax-free on diagnosis of a specified illness which causes anticipated retirement.

We can normally arrange cover for up to £3 million.

Life Insurance

A lump sum paid on death which bypasses the business and probate, so your family or chosen beneficiaries receive fast tax-free cash.

We can normally arrange cover for up to £50 million.

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